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The Storm

This song is by Byword.

Hear the sound
Wind racing through the trees
A bitter howl
My legs are giving underneath
And I fall down
I'm crawling on my knees

And I cry out
Would you come to and rescue me
'Cause I know
One more time
The battle's is on again
Here I go

Running for my life
Begging You to carry me and bring me through the night
The cold winds blow
Right into my soul
My heart is waiting for you Father, come and take control

In the quietness
Will I finally rest?
Or cave into a cloud of emptiness
And it pours out
Shadowing my mind

And I call out
Would you save me from this lie?
'Cause I know
That one more time
The battle's on again

Son of man, you conquered all, now I am whole
And only in your arms, I am free!

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