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I Think I

This song is by Byul.

I believed it couldn't be (oh)

That I loved you, it doesn't make sense (oh)
That it was idle jealousy, That I was lonely
I tried to lie to myself, but I cannot hide it no longer

I think I love you, I think that's what it is
'Cause I miss you, whenever you're not around
I cannot do anything
And I keep thinking of you
Whenever I realize this, I think
I'm Falling For You~
I'm falling for you
I didn't know, but now I need you
Suddenly, deep in my heart
I can see where you've settled

We're an odd couple, being friends is the best (oh)
Nothing about us matches
How can we date, it's crazy talk
So I said and contrived, but I don't want to do that no more

Why didn't I know, that it was you (oh)
Why didn't I know, you were right in front of me (oh)
All this time you were right by me
Why do I only see the love now (oh)

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