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Your Arms

This song is by By The Tree and appears on the album Root (2003).

When surrounded by my doubts
Here am i, turning inside out,
I remember my confidence-
It comes from You
This I can depend on.

My hope,
It comes from You
My strength
Is found in You
When I'm lost
I come running to Your arms,
And I'm found-
I'm found in you.

Far beyond these thoughts, I feel
There's something greater
I hold on to-
It lifts me up to a higher place.
To Your arms I will fly away.

And You hold me just a little longer,
Till my fears subside,
And take away the lonely pain
Till my tears run dry.
You let me know forever more,
Your arms are open wide for me.

My hope,
It comes from You-
My strength
Is found in You.

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