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Shoot Me Down

This song is by By The Tree and appears on the album Root (2003).

I've been living so fast
Turned away from you, away from my past
I've been feeding all my fears
Keep me away from here

I've been running so fast
Away from love, away from our past
When I fall into you
You take what is old and make it new

You should've killed me for the things I've said
You should've put me in the ground
You should've killed me for the things I've done
Shoot me down, way down
Shoot me down, way down

Don't know what I was thinking when I was living that way
And if God hadn't taken me there, don't know how I would have answered Him

All this life we lead is cuz the blood you bleed on the sins of man
The sins drove the nail, drove nail right through your hands

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