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Root Of It All

This song is by By The Tree and appears on the album Root (2003).

All of our fashions are faded
Each generation
Has been here before
How do we get so jaded
Break this cloud of our own
Let it rain let it pour

When all is said
And all is done
Will we turn our face to the sun

Get back to the root of it all
Jesus is calling us
To the love of a father
Get back to the root of it all
Jesus is calling us
To love one another

This world and all of its treasures
Pull us tied to the wind
Lose our grip break the fall
Love will transcend
Through the ages
Darkness cannot survive
With the break of the dawn

Take me back again
To the place where we first met
I know I can't save myself
Grace is here for free
Faith is something we cannot see
I know it's time to lay it down

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