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Let Me In

This song is by By Heart and appears on the album By Heart (2003).

I dream about my hero
A hero from a trying time
And once again I need you by my side
I'm cold and bruised

I'm howling at your beauty
I'm falling at your feet
I'm begging on my knees
Please, answer when I ask you this:

Will you ever let me in?
I follow you my hero
A shadow on an empty street
Your kiss is burning holes inside of me
I'm gasoline

Undress me 'til I'm naked
And let me taste your breath
And if you want another
Then I'll wear a mask for you

Will you ever let me in?

On your question why, I answer love
At your dazzling smile I surrender now
In the blackest night there's a ray of light
And if it be your will I'll give you right

On my second try I am half way down
I've been hit too hard, I have seen too much
Have I lost my mind, have I been a clown?
It's all for you because you mean that much

Will you ever let me in?

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