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A Moment Of Panic

This song is by By Heart and appears on the album Exit Signs (2006).

A Moment of Panic

Just like the day when our eyes first met

You smile at me still, like I never did you wrong

You patiently listen to all my complaints

While I spit them in your face

Yeah, you pull me away from the manic

Away from the panic in my dreams

Now I'm reborn, now I can see


Never again, I promise now

Never again I don't know how

Writing my name across the ground

Trying the hardest I can not to be

Be left behind

It's like my watch has been standing still

I knock on your door on a frosty winter's day

Too scared to tell you I never knew

That someone could be this sweet

Despite my cruelty you ask me to enter

You ask me to rest my worried mind

There at your glance, there at your sheet

I just don't want to be alone or left behind

I just don't want to be alone for all my life

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