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Soul Explosion

This song is by By Divine Right and appears on the album Good Morning Beautiful (2001).

Allthat feeling
Sweet sweet dreamin'

I said let me in
Get me out
Shake me up
Take me down

Locamotion, a sweet explosion

Ya gotta wind me up
Throw me in
Ya gotta cut me lose
Tryin' attention

Locamotion, it's a soul explosion
Explosion (times 3)

Don't ya know you can count me in
But ya gotta wake me up
Take me down
Are ya ready now?

All that feelin', sweet sweet dreamin'

Just like locamotion, it's a soul explosion

This song has
10 to 4
Gimmie someome

I'm so fine
I'm outta my mind
I said I'm so fine
I'm goin' out of my mind

Locamotion, it's a sweet explosion

Just like sweet devotion
It's a soul, soul soul explosion
(Times 5)

Soul explosion
Explosion (times 4)

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