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A Child And A Shaman

This song is by Butterfly Temple and appears on the album За Солнцем Вслед (2006).

Words of a Child:

I gaze with agazement
At a world without name
Beneath cloudy raiment
From whence now I came

I hear as the grass grows
At soring's tender hhard
My heart pumps green hillows
To every steam


A trouvere of a new May
In butterfly's fane
I, m a note of the great lay
Composed by the main

Song of a Shaman:

A theme that is profound
I play at my ease
When wanderig spellbound
In ecstatic bliss

I dance like a moth with my senses numb
As did my feet in ancient times
To a million souls primeval rhymes
That from the inside beat my drum

They see just a shape cught in fire-lit spree
A wondroust image in essence nude
And envy yhic godlike solitude
(They, who) endorwed with gift of saying 'we'


Of nature unspoken we share different shapes
Of stellar sonata, of nightingale's stayes
Yet face of each other we cannot descry
This 'Mirour de l'Omme' lies before our eyes!

Song of a Shaman:

A paradox's door-man
A shepherd of dawn
With my hands I'm warming
The fiery glow

They attribute me wonders
Of ignorance's van
Forsaking The Marvel
The on that is Man

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