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A Beautiful Book

This song is by Butterfly Boucher and appears on the album Flutterby (2003).

Woo woo x2

The tree who wanted to be
A beautiful book, it would die,
if that's what it took.

Ahhh ahh

The sand that went to sea
so much more, helped the blind find,
what they were looking for.

Ahhh ahh

Oh the bird who could sing
a soothing tune, to wake the dead
and let life back in.

Ahhh ahh

Well everything's full of dreams
for one thing
and everything's full of dreams
for reasons.

In the shade of the woods
sat a bear, who dreamt of being
a poets coat.

Another tree
who wanted to be
a steady boat on the gentle sea.


There was a book that took
the world by storm
a writers sight, found and written down

A fur coat, a sturdy boat, a sprouting shoot
a sprouting soul, and still the quill goes on and on
and still the quill goes on and on.


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