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My Good Friend

This song is by Busted.

It was a Friday Night
My friends taken home
When I turned out the light
I was not alone
She was sitting there
Halfway up the stairs
She had a nooky ass
But a hefty pair

Then I planned
My good friend would understand
She doesn't need to know
It's something down below

What was I supposed to do
Sitting in my room
When she was making pretty eyes at me
Blowing me away
Dirty things were going on
Then you walked right in
On everything that I said right round

With my trousers down

Well I'm sorry now
And that's all I can say
I was horny then
It got the first of me
Don't take it out on me
'Cause I don't nothing wrong
It happened naturally
Because she turned me on


I've got to face the consequences
Face the consequences

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