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Album by Busta Rhymes.
  1. Get You Some (featuring Q-Tip and Marsha Ambrosius)
  2. Touch It
  3. How We Do It Over Here (featuring Missy Elliott)
  4. New York Shit (featuring Swizz Beatz)
  5. Been Through The Storm (featuring Stevie Wonder)
  6. In The Ghetto (featuring Rick James)
  7. Cocaina (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
  8. You Can't Hold the Torch (featuring Chauncey Black and Q-Tip)
  9. Goldmine (featuring Raekwon)
  10. I Love My Bitch (featuring and Kelis)
  11. Don't Get Carried Away (featuring Nas)
  12. They're Out To Get Me (featuring Mr. Porter)
  13. Get Down
  14. I'll Do It All (featuring Latoiya Williams)
  15. Legend of the Fall Offs

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