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This song is by Bust A Groove.

Hey who's got the power?
2 bads got the power (repeat)

Diddy down diddy down down about the power
2 bad's got the power every second of the hour
cool and like ya never seen before
kickin it bacha, kickin bacha guess whose knockin at your door
It's me yo who else could it be?
The real terror in the night I'll decide your destiny
Like the power rangers I'm here to knock somebody the heck out
There is no competition that is out and runnin about
Like Arnold Schwarzenegger Im the only true Er...
2 bad 2 bad about it why don't 'cha sing and shout it
It's 2 bad... (x9)

There's no competition
I got the power
There's no competiton

Hey who's got the power?
2 Bad's got the power (repeat)

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