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Chemical Love(Gas-O's Song)

This song is by Bust A Groove.

Yo, you hear like this.
It's chemical love and you ain't ready for this.
I got a recipe I want to share.

Hey hey hey hey
All up in the world,
A world of sparks, make this decision.
Only live to hurt,
A chemical can never be enough.

You need the thrill of love,
An electric thrill, in chemical love.
You need the thrill of love,
An electric thrill, in chemical love. (chemical love)

There's a bomb, hear the hiss.
You can't see that deadly twist.
It's comin' your way thanks to me,
I'm a chemical love and I'm pleased to meet my name.
Come on take the case.
Mess with me and I'll bomb this place.
Damn, moves so gimme room
Or you've within my deadly perfume.

When you drop to the floor,
That's when I pump some more
Gases into your body.
You can't compete when I bomb the party.
Tearin off like it's free
Got the lyrical by me you so
Even you beware
Chemical love with the flava in the air

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