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A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit

This song is by Burzum and appears on the album Burzum (1992) and on the album Aske (1993).

The fire in the sky is extinguished
Blue waters no longer cry
The dancing of trees has stopped
The stream of freshness from cold winds
Exists no Longer
The rain has stopped to drip
From the sky
Still dripping exists
From the veins of a nearly dead boy
Once there was hatred
Once there was cold
There is only
A dark stone tomb
With an altar
An altar which
Serves as a bed
A bed of eternal sleep
The dreams of the human in sleep
Are dreams of relief
A gate out of hell
Into the void of death
Yet undisturbed
The human sleep
And one day
Will the grave be unlocked
And the soul
Must return to his world
But this time as
A lost forgotten sad spirit
To haunt

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