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The Begat

This song is by Burton Lane.

I got it
I got it
I got it
We got it

The Lord made Adam
The Lord made Eve
He made them both
A little bit naive

They lived as free
As the summer breeze
Without pajamas
And without chemise

Until they stumbled
On the apple trees

Then she looked at him
And he looked at her
And they knew immediately
What the world was for

He said give me my cane
He said give me my hat
The time has come
To begin the begat

The begat
The begat

So they begat Caine
And they begat Abel
Who begat the rabble
At the Tower of Babel

They begat the Cohens
They begat O'Rourkes
And they begat the people
Who believed in storks

Lordy, Lordy
How they did begat
How they did begat
Even more than that

And when the begat got
To gettin' under par
They begat the daughters
Of the DAR

They begat the babbits
Of the bourgeoisie
Who begat
The misbegoten V.I.P.

They begat
They begat

It was pleasin' to Jezebel
'Bout pleasin' to Ruth
It pleased the League
Of Women Shoppers in Deluth

Thou the movie censors
Tried the facts to hide
The movie goers up and multiplied
Lordy, Lordy, how they multiplied
How they multiplied
How they multiplied

Soon it swept the world
Every land and lingo
It became the rage
It was bigger than bingo

The white begat, the red begat
The folks who should have stood in bed begat
The Greeks begat, the Swedes begat
Why, even Britishers in tweeds, begat
And Lordy, Lordy
What their seeds begat

The Lats and Lithuanians, begat
Scranton, Pennsylvanians, begat
Strict vegetarians, begat
Honorary Aryans, begat

Startin' from Genesis, they begat
Heroes and nemesis, begat
Fat Phila-busterers, begat
Income tax adjusterers, begat
Twas naturaler and naturaler to begat
And sometimes a bachelor

He begat

It didn't matter which-a-ways they begat
Sons of a bitch-a-ways, begat

So, bless them all
So, bless them all
Who go to bat
Who go to bat
And heed the call
Of the begat


Written by:

E.Y. Harburg; Burton Lane

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