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Something Sort Of Grandish

This song is by Burton Lane.

Something sweet
Something sort of grandish
Sweeps my soul when thou art near
My heart feels so sugar candish
My head feels so ginger beer

And something so dareish
So I don't careish
Stirs me from limb to limb
It's so terrifish, magnifish, delish
To have such an amorish, glamorish dish

Or we could be, oh so, bride and groomish
Skies could be so bluish blue
Life could be so love in bloomish
If my ishes could come true

Thou art sweet
Thou art sort of grandish
Thou outlandish cavalier
From now on, we're hand in handish
Romeo and Guinevere

Thou art so adorish
Toujours l'amourish
I'm so cherchez la femme

Why should I vanquish
Relinquish, resish
When I simply relish
This swellish condish

I might be manish or mouseish
I might be a fowl or fish
But with thee I'm Eisenhowzish

Please accept my propasish
You're under my skinish
So please be giveinish
Or it's the beginish of the finish of me

Written by:

E. Y. Harburg; Burton Lane

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