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Bad News

This song is by Burton Cummings and appears on the album Sweet Sweet (1981).

They've been sayin' our love's losin' ground
Why can't they just mind their own business?
I been hearin' so much talk goin' 'round
It just might be my time to be leavin'


Why can't they just leave us be?
I know that you still love me
'cause if you been doin' me bad
You sure been hidin' it good

And if you must slip around
Keep keepin' your profile down
And lie to me baby
'cause I can't take bad news

If it's a secret
I'll try to keep it
Gonna let the truth lie just where it will
And if it's a lie I'll understand it
But it just might be I've had my fill


She said "Baby, call me when you're back on a roll"
Baby, call me when you're back on a roll
Lie to me baby Lie to me lover now
Baby, call me when you're back on a roll
I can't take bad news

Music by:

Burton Cummings/Steve Crossley

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