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Compilation by various artists.
  1. And This Is Mine by Connie Stevens
  2. Too Late to Worry by Richard Anthony
  3. Don't Envy Me by Joey Powers
  4. Dreamin' All the Time by Jack Jones
  5. Wastin' Away for You by The Russells
  6. Manpower by The Exotics
  7. Forever My Love by Jane Morgan
  8. Faker, Faker by The Eligibles
  9. Boys Were Made for Girls by Everit Herter
  10. The Hurtin' Kind by Lonnie Sattin (previously unreleased)
  11. Sinner's Devotion by Tina Robin (previously unreleased)
  12. Hot Spell by Ernie Felice
  13. The Answer To Everything by Sam Fletcher
  14. For All Time by The Russells
  15. Waitin' for Charlie to Come Home by Jane Morgan
  16. Errand of Mercy by George Hamilton
  17. You're Following Me by Jimmy Breedlove
  18. Somebody else's Sweetheart by The Wanderers
  19. Call off the Wedding Babs Tino
  20. A Lifetime of Loneliness by Steve Alaimo
  21. Living without Love by Art Smalley
  22. Moon Guitar by The Rangoons
  23. Deeply by The Shepherd Sisters
  24. I Could Make You Mine by The Wanderers
  25. The Timeless Tide by The Freemen
  26. Along Came Joe by Merv Griffin
  27. Who's Got the Action by Phil Colbert
  28. To Wait for Love by Paul Anka
  29. This Empty Place by Janie Marden
  30. The Story behind My Tears by Vic Dana
  31. Joanie's Forever by Buddy Clinton
  32. Come Completely to Me by Steve Rossi

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