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Snow Death

This song is by Burnt Offering and appears on the album Burnt Offering (1989).

Look out your window, into the cold arctic air
Where the earth meets the dead trees,
And what lies in between. To where a person
Was murdered the blood never dries, it stays frozen
Forever underneath the corpse lies.

The winter months the children play
Do they not know of the wrath of death
I creep up slow, I take it away
Their mothers wonder - where have they gone?
The air is dead the night it stalks
I see my prey standing all alone
I quickly move a massacre
They never should have come outside
All you will find is what I've left behind
Footprints in the snow and blood splattered on
Your family, I'm sorry
I can't return them to you
But I'll leave you their blood
To haunt you in the night
Your city's dying your streets are dead
The first drops of blood should've warned you all
I'm leaving now, I leave behind
A small surprise for future months
The snow it melts their blood now drips
I warned you all with my paintings of death
Bodies of ice beginning to bleed
Stoned with death your darkest fear
Now you will find all that I've left behind
Footprints in the snow and blood splattered on
As the temperature rises the corpses are revealed
Frozen bodies emerge in the snow
Here is your family
Your search is now complete

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