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Black Blasphemy

This song is by Burnt Offering and appears on the album Burnt Offering (1989).

Our scriptures of evil are written in blood
The word of your god we defy
Demonic and hateful with fire in your eyes
The crucify to us is a lie
Mercy no remorse dwells in black hearts
Never heading belied Christian faith
The fall of your God is what we strive for
So beware of our blasphemous rage
Blasphemy - unholy act
Come and join our sacrifice
Blasphemy - inverted cross
Nothing scared shall survive
Harlot of hell screams on a grave
Lustful cries in the night
For Satan's sons she'll lay and obey
Desecration of souls brings delight
Cursing the priest, robbing the church
Spit at burnt cross on the wall
With axe and machete we murder and kill
Answering Lord Lucifer's call

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