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Heart Of Gold (New Version 2015)

This song is by Burning Point.

I hear the voice calling out my name
Without a choice
I have to live with this pain... deep inside

I see myself as an image of the hurt
I locked you out
Will I ever learn, will I ever learn...?

Stranger came - it brought me to my knees
Devil's game - another day is deceased
Live or die - my options are growing short

The darkness reveals
All its secrets to me
From this unknown land
That no one has seen
The beast will arise
From the depths of my soul
It's the end of the heart of gold

I sealed the fate
When I try to ease the pain
And at the gates
I bow my head down with a shame
I can't take it anymore

Out of focus
Reality's swept away
Am I just a pawn in this devil's play...
In this devil's play

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