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Salvation By Fire (2001)Edit

Burning Point - Salvation By Fire
Salvation By Fire
  1. The Burning Point
  2. Under The Dying Sun
  3. Lake Of Fire
  4. Fall Of Thy Kingdom
  5. Higher
  6. Black Star
  7. Stealer Of Light
  8. The One
  9. Signs Of Danger
  10. Salvation By Fire
  11. Finally Free

Feeding The Flames (2003)Edit

Burning Point - Feeding the Flames
Feeding the Flames
  1. Into The Fire
  2. Blackened The Sun
  3. Veil Of Secrecy
  4. Voice From The Past
  5. I Am The Silent One
  6. Stray Bullet
  7. Nightgames
  8. Quicker Than The Eye
  9. Malmikivi
  10. Resurrection Machine
  11. All The Madness
  12. Feeding The Flames

Burned Down The Enemy (2006)Edit

Burning Point - Burned Down the Enemy
Burned Down the Enemy
  1. Parasite
  2. Heart Of Gold
  3. Dawn Of The Ancient War
  4. Hell Awaits
  5. From The Beginning Of It All
  6. Icebound
  7. Deceiver
  8. Eye For An Eye
  9. To Hell And Back
  10. Against The Madness Of Time
  11. Burned Down The Enemy
  12. My Reign, My Fire

Empyre (2009)Edit

Burning Point - Empyre
  1. Intro (The Godfather Theme)
  2. Empyre
  3. Manic Merry-Go-Round
  4. Face The Truth
  5. Fool's Parade
  6. Was It Me
  7. Walls Of Stone
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Cruel World
  10. Blinded By The Darkness
  11. Only The Wrong Will Survive
  12. I'll Be Yours
  13. Nuclear Skies
  14. Let Go
  15. Gods Of Iron

Burning Point (2015)Edit

Burning Point - Burning Point
Burning Point
  1. In The Shadows
  2. All The Madness (New Version 2015)
  3. Signs Of Danger (New Version 2015)
  4. Find Your Soul
  5. Heart Of Gold (New Version 2015)
  6. My Darkest Times
  7. Dawn Of The Ancient War (New Version 2015)
  8. Into The Fire (New Version 2015)
  9. Queen Of Fire
  10. Blackened The Sun (New Version 2015)
  11. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Blackended The Sun
Record labels

Group MembersEdit

Current Members
  • Pete Ahonen - Vocals, Guitars
  • Pekka Kolivuori - Guitars
  • Jussi Ontero - Drums
  • Jukka Jokikokko - Bass
  • Pasi Hitula - Keyboards
Former Members
  • Jukka Kyrö - Guitar
  • Toni Kansanoja - Bass
  • Jari Kaiponen - Drums

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