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Gates Of Hell

This song is by Burning Inside and appears on the album Apparition (2001).

At the gates of hell, he stands
A force beyond, beckons his fate
An evil, which burns inside desecration and blasphemy
A priest is hung
Over the grave by taking his own life
Opening the gates to hell...

Fire, darkness and rain
At the gates of hell
Fog, mist creeps
At the gates of hell
Desecration and debauchery
At the gates of hell
Holiness destroyed forever
At the gates of hell

If the gates of hell are opened
It will be the end of humanity
The stroke of midnight brings All Saints Day
That's when the night of the dead begins...

The soul that suffers for eternity
Shall out span death
You dweller of the twilight void...
If the gates to hell remain
No corpse can rest in peace again
So they will all rise
And together take over the earth...

Buried alive, gasping for life
Maggots rain from Heaven above
Skull forced into metal
Eyes bleed vomiting guts

Wind, blood and death
At the gates of hell
Will crushed eternal
At the gates of hell
Slaughter, butchery and massacres
At the gates of hell
Burning inferno of hate
At the gates of hell

Civilization as we know it
Is now the city of the living dead
Through the grave you enter
The oblivion of death of the dead
The world we know cracks into darkness
Or shatters... forever...

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