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Carnage Remains

This song is by Burning Inside and appears on the album Apparition (2001).

Hulking shadows over your bed
The axe descends into oblivion
Scalp laid open with an ear to ear grin
Raped and beaten a blunt instrument

Sexually assaulted, smothered and strangled
Short ranged shot gun blast face disappears
Mutilated remains, maggots devouring meat
Feed dismembered to the alligators...

Sadistic carnage, tortured slayings
Brutally overcome, death is near

Remains are wrapped in black plastic bags
Grisly fragments, 96 stab wounds
Seductive actions from a Homosexual Priest
Blind them, torture them, kill them

All I know is how to take lives
Repeated killings, no conscience anymore
The warmth of your blood gives me life
As I carve your flesh with my blood soaked knife

Sadistic carnage, tortured slayings
Living in a world with murder everyday
Point black range, death is near
Take my life but, murder will always remain

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