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At The Levity Ball

This song is by Burning Brides and appears on the album Fall Of The Plastic Empire (2001).

I'm wide awake but my mind's so far away.
I can't remember a single thing you say.
I've seen my own brain light up and it scared me to death.
If you think I'm lying then I'm just wasting my breath.

I've seen the light of milk, the drunk white cow.
I know the time and the place and the where and the how.
I've seen all you give me before I rise and I fall.
Let's go down and ring the bell at the levity ball.

You're goin' out the same.
I'll never hold down what's in your eyes.
You say you wanted a kiss.
Well, I want to give you one last chance.

Written by:

Dimitri Coats

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