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The Faceless

This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

Your face filling up with regret
Never thought you'd see the consequences of what you have said
Well I'm here now so tell me again
Give me one good reason to not rip off your god damn head

So sing the song that you sing
I don't do this for me so what the fuck do you bring
I'd like to see all the mountains you've moved
So somebody remind me what the fuck is left to prove
So give me something, we come from nothing
Been through the war, seen it all and we're still hungry
Try as you may, suffer your day
Your ideas, your insights only getting in the way
You betrayed your, you betrayed your future with this game

Can you look me in the eye
You take advantage of the distance
Just take a step outside
Get on your knees and pray for your existence
Could you even count the times
You shared destructive forms of thinking
You're infecting lives
But there is fuel in the fire, you're the spark that ignites us

You can't bring me down
You can't bring me down
You can't bring me down

You're weak, you're all alone, they pass by you, you're a clone
A leprosy, you condone, from place to place, never felt at home
You're weak, all alone, no one sees a clone

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