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The Damned

This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

Never wanna see the hands of the clock moving back
The bridge has been dammed no forgiveness I can't
You pushed and you pulled while you hide in your hole
I hate all the years that stole from my soul
You are nothing

What you gonna do now
What you gonna do now
What you gonna do now
You're dead to me

Take me up, take me up higher (Higher)
Free my world, leave it on fire
And I've been waiting my whole damn life
Forever and I've come so far
And it's all I've got in me

I never had a chance
When you decided my fate
You overruled all the decisions I made
Never got to see my potential
You said things that were so detrimental
But now I have found my home
Found my home and I won't go back

You can't take me, no
I never wanna go back

For all the lies you told, you're dead to me
For every word you said, you're dead to me
For all the silent mouths, you're dead to me
All of you, you're dead to me
You're dead to me

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