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Set Me On Fire

This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

Seven billion people dying
They're calling out your name
They've waited for so long
For you to show your face
It's time to burn the book and look inside to find
Something else
As they pray for you I wait for truth
You won't find it here
So how does it feel to be told that everything you know in your life is a lie
Is a lie
So set me on fire
If you're searching the seas to remind yourself
How it feels to be loved and to love yourself
Use your heart as the compass and guide yourself to a life worth living and a higher shelf
And what you find inside that you can't switch off it's the guiding light
That you thought you lost
Life is a lesson you learn and the sea gets rough
But belief in yourself is what to trust

Where's the love and the light in the empty nights
And the hope in the heart of something bright
When the story unfolds and the truth gets told
All the lies that we're sold isn't dressed in gold
We're not alone

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