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This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

I've been shot down and I'm falling too fast
Through the air I have found
I'm exhaling the breath of life, I can tell
That I'm running on empty and I can't tell
If I have what it takes to brave the woods

I wish I could believe
What I have within
Take me back and build
Me up again

Somewhere in my heart I will always be free
Some people just test me
Broken are my bones from the weight of the world
It's getting so heavy

I'm lost again
I'm still stuck in the cycle of repetition
So I fire the flare and wait for them
Give my position decided
I'm done with this hiding
I'll reach for the hand that takes

Graves are just empty holes
You fill with your blood and bones

Blood and your bones

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