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This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

Now we're climbing out of the hole

Feeling like I'm sick
I'm splitting down the seams
Don't worry everything will be fine
One more time please we're already dead
Already dead

They say piece by piece I'm not a puzzle
Come alive with some lines no lies I've had some trouble
Sick of last place and the hiding is over
I'm tired of the tide always taking us nowhere.

Undertow sweep me away
Take me under don't let me breathe
Sink my heart into the ocean
While you're all above me

Blaming everyone
Our bindings loosen up
The friendships come undone
Ever since this begun there's been no where to run
I just need you to see the big picture in me

Over and over and over again
I'm lost and I'm static
Can't find where to begin
The pages of the book
Need to be written in
I'll try till I'm broke
Till there's nothing to give
Over and over and over again
The times don't change it's the same fucking thing
It's scratching at a wound and it's wearing me thin
I've never cried wolf
But this shit needs to end
Stuck so long it feels like forever

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