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This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

Catatonic, we're half asleep
Our life flies by us while we find our feet
So lethargic we accept defeat
The flame burns down and the light looks bleak
For me

All of the faces in all of the places sing
I can break down, I break down your walls
Free all the used and break all the rules
Till there's nothing left, nothing left at all

Broken but I'm not ready to die
'Cause feel, I feel alive, alive, alive tonight
It's calling, I've never felt this before
But I can see what's coming

Falling further, we're in a spin
Pull the ripcord and I'll start again
The shadow darkens its holding tight
Fight it off and reach out for the light
It's time

If you found me drowning, would you just stare?
Would you pull me out or would you leave me there?
I'm reaching out, take my hand
I need you now, give me a second chance

You can't leave me here
You saying what was right from wrong
Conditioned me since I was born
You better pull me out because
You can't leave me here
Another minute more
I'll never get up off this floor
If I found a way to crawl I'll walk
You can't leave me here

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