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This song is by Buried in Verona and appears on the album Faceless (2014).

I'd give my last breath to keep your heart beating
Give my last sight on this world for you to see me
If it's my last song I hope that you could hear it
All the words in the world fail to help express it
What's in front of me is everything I wanna be
You gave me that shot when no one else believed in me
I'm writing this to show how much you mean to me
You're everything, everyone, to me

All I see is you, you are my inspiration the momentum in me
All you do for me, will not be forgotten
You pulled me out of the horror and saved me
I hope you're proud of who I am who I decided to be, save me
Thank you for the life you paved for me that I can never repay

You're my antidote
You are the push, the wind in my sails

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