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This song is by Burhan G.

Burhan G - Playground

Tonight I'ma win, don't care where I am
though they won't let us in, no place makes the party
so let's all go and do our own thing, just pass it on hey

Crunkheads, funkheads
All ya'll, won't you follow me
let me show you my way

Let's take it to the playground, my world
let's make this merry go round faster
sing it to me yeah loudly
That's how I play

I don't care who you know, no list in the door
I don't care what you wear, as long as you're ready
to bring it on can't go wrong, know that anything goes
tonight my playground is yours
did you see that girl, I like to get down with her
oh my oh my oh my oh my she's got the moves I like

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