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You're So God Damn Beautiful

This song is by Burden Brothers and appears on the album Buried In Your Black Heart (2003) and on the album RYFOLAMF (2005).

You know my love I'm giving up
I just can't do it
I gave my soul, my one and all
And still I blew it
I love you so much, I love you so hard
It's like I don't have a name
And still my love was not enough
And I'm to blame

Look at me now, I'm a wreck
Down on my knees
Everyone knows
You're so god damn beautiful
Now I know everybody goes
Through a little hell sometimes
But it's a sin the shape you left me in
When you kissed me goodbye
You took my heart, tore it all apart
And I took your medicine
You got no soul, me no self control
Here I go again

Look at me now, I'm a wreck
Down on my knees
Now everyone sing
You're so god damn beautiful

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