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If You're Going To Heaven

This song is by Burden Brothers and appears on the album Buried In Your Black Heart (2003) and on the album RYFOLAMF (2005).

If You're Going To Heaven Lyrics

If you're going to heaven
And you think you know the way
Please show me the right direction
And I'll follow you
I won't let you get away

If your heart is sad and heavy
You hide your face behind your hands
But if you'll take a chance and let me
Follow you
I will always be your man

You know I don't need your attention
I don't need your pity or your grief
I'm not a slave to your affection
I'm a slave to your belief

So if you're going to heaven
Say you won't leave me behind
Cause without you I'm as helpless
As a little child
God I need you by my side

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