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Dirty Sanchez

This song is by Burden Brothers and appears on the album 8 Ball (2002) and on the album RYFOLAMF (2005).

(Well' listen up closely little children'
Gonna tell you a little story now'
A Texas legend in his own right yeah...)

I got so much sin seeping out of my skin
Got to get my some time with you
Don't you tell me your last name
Don't say anything, you know what to do

I got an old-time religion
Got fever got friction
Got dark thoughts in my head

You've gotta purty dirty mouth
I gotta demon down south
Gonna make you sweat and beg

For the Dirty Sanchez
The Dirty Sanchez
They call me Dirty Sanchez
I'm gonna skin you like a cat

On a hot plate' got you on a hot date
Liquored up and ready to sin
Got a dashboard Jesus
He's ready to receive us
So open up and let me in

I'm your savior' I know your favorite
Down and dirty deeds
Just when you relax
I'm whipping out the betamax
I'm outta style and out to please

With the Dirty Sanchez
Oh' the Dirty Sanchez
The call me Dirty Sanchez
I'm gonna skin you like a cat
Like a cat... whoa...

(We'll take a li'l trip down south now... low and slow...
Come and get some...)

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