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This song is by Bunkur and appears on the album Bludgeon (2004).

I drown in pain
Writhing, contorting.
My face deformed,
My life becomes a hollow shell.
My tears burning,
A trail of wounds across my flesh.
Meaning is lost,
All efforts failed, all hope is gone.
Crawling through glass,
On bleeding knees, I beg for Death.
My life must end,
A useless waste of precious air.
The crown of nails,
Tormenting my twisted brain.
It's scars I bear,
They remind me of my ruin.

Walls I built fall down to dust,
Core exposed, fears become alive.
They take form, monstrous beings, twisted,
Surround me, tear the skin to shreds.
Bludgeoning emotions, numb.
Suicide only way out.

And I have no choise but to leave my hopes shattered,
Forever to remain in the grace of depression.
As I force the blade deep into my icecold veins,
Watching my blood flow deep into the lakes of death.
My Immortal soul looks back at my lifes deeds.
So what is this life, but perpetual torment?

And I see nothing.
I feel nothing.
I hear nothing.
My life was nothing.

And the void is in me, empty, lifeless,
Free from the chains that bind me to the earth.
Into the black hole, my grave.
Away, away from the noise.
Away, away from the light.