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Pour Me (Another Beer)

This song is by Bum Ruckus.

What's the point is all you ever say
I guess it's just I always think that way
Well I pray you just don't let it run your life
Think twice, if this is living then I am ready for good bye
Come on man, you know you don't mean that
Fuck that, I think I'm ready for a heart attack
Think about the people and the things to live for
These whores and my job selling doors door to door

Life is like a rollercoaster with highs and lows
But who knows, mine might have come with defective bolts
It shows, every day it grows and it grows
to spite my face, cut off my nose

This is the story of my life dealing with all the pain and strife
Why won't you just let me be, I guess I'm just to blind, poor me
It seems as though she doesn't care, that my life is in despair
Why won't she just let me be, guess I'm just to blind poor me

So thats it, take the easy way out
Without a doubt, every other option is out
What about your family what about your friends
Fuck them they'll realize this was right in the end
Think of what your saying for a minute or two
C'mon dude all this shit isn't because of you
Well that true, but when did you become completly unglued
All perception of life is screwed

All that I can say is that it seems to me
That everyone I know seems to want something from me
And when I am down on my knees, beggin please
Wishing one day that I could be free
And then I think without a doubt
Just about how I need to find an easy way out
There's no escape from me, POOR ME (another beer)

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