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Better Bend Than Break

This song is by Bum Ruckus.

Here I am on a brand new day
Even though I pray things still don't change
Even though I'd like to I can't stay
Like I say better bend than break
I don't wanna walk that walk
The less you think the more you talk
You say that everything is fine, not this time

I'll never know
All the things I wanted to
I'll never see
All the good times ahead of me

Intelligence is a disease
thinking to much to be happy
You are how God made you first
And often times a great deal worse
But thats the nature of man
Where common sense is so uncommon
You say everything is fine

Had a wonderful time but this wasn't it
And I admit I feel pain from every word that I spit
I'll deal with it, know what maybe I won't
It's hard to deal with things that have you by the throat
I just don't understand what is the master plan
All i got was fists looking for a helping hand
So you stand and you watch as a man pays the cost
As you think to yourself "Thank God I Ain't Him"
But I am guess what, it could happen to you
I hope you never have to find out these lyrics are true
If you do just realize that your life isn't through
Eventhough the bad times far outway the good
When did I realize lifes a seris of moments
And then I realized all my moments seemed hopeless
I got hurt everytime that I left my heart open
So I decided to lay down in my coffin and close it

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