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Two-Tone Army

This song is by Bullgooseloony.

Hey boy looks like you found your new home
Subbin' your gun for a saxophone
You see everything in black and white
And it doesn't really matter what's
Wrong or what's right
Just get out your brass
And play until late in the night
I still remember when you said...

I'm enlisting in the two tone army
Yeah enlisting in the two tone army
I'm enlisting in the two tone army
And I'm marching off to war

Well boy now all your worries are gone
As you put on your hat
And get your pinstriped suit on
The world, my friend, is at your fingertips now
As your up on the stage
Playin' that music so loud
And you know (yeah you know)
That everythings all right now
Ill never forget the day you said...

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