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Sweeney's Pub (St. Patrick's Day Exclusive)

This song is by Bullgooseloony.

Take a walk down the street
it's not very far
and down on the right you'll see Pat Sweeney's bar
it's a broken down place
it's seen so many years
but why don't you stop in and down a few beers?

I was walking alone late one evening
and desperately seeking some fun
I saw Sweeney's bar in the distance
and at once I knew my search was done

So come on down
grab a beer
bring some pals and spread the cheer
you want some fun?
don't look far
you can stop in anytime
down at Sweeney's bar!

I opened the door and took a step in
and Pat Sweeney's greeting was warm
first I sat down and then ordered a round
and my evening had started to form


Me and the other guys started singing
and joking all though the night
we yelled for some more
and Pat said "Outta my store!"
and nobody put up a fight


I stumbeled out the door the next morning
shitfaced as a drunkard could be
I got on my feet and trudged down the street
what a night that had been for me


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