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Only Man

This song is by Buju Banton and appears on the album 'Til Shiloh (1995).

Love you like Jesus loves us all


I would like to be your honey
In your life I want to be only man
Real quality time and affection
One man can't run her locked combination
All she's looking, she can see the Mr.Man

Tear up resume burn up application
One look she take and mi fit the position
No matter who is in the way
Run waythe little man
Buju have the slam to rock you all night long
Woman I see trouble
To how my heart a bubble
Something must be wrong
Now tru me no have nothing
Juggle me a juggle
Still can hold my hand


Whole heap a them come bout
But them no ready
Check them out, them is a mess
Don't want no bag a problem and stress
Loving excess, kill you with happiness
Stick to the ragga and you wouldn't want to leave
This is no poppy show
Tell you man him get blow
Rude boy visit yard him no tip toe


Why you refuse to humble
Your hears to my cry
Feel I only want you because of your needle eye
Wrote many notes but you didn't reply
Walked off my boot heel
To show that I am a nice guy
Woman the little love
Me can't wait to pacify
I cry and bawl til me well dry
Anytime me see you
I rail up high
Temperature rise and me naw stop cry

Written by Mark Myre ( Buju Banton) & Dave kelly.

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