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This song is by Buju Banton and appears on the album Mr. Mention (1992).

What the girls them want?
Fi mek them jump and dont stop chant?
Hear me man, Lord have his mercy.
Ah just over the dickie the girls a gwaan bad
Any how them noh get it, them will act mad
Ah just over the dickie the girls a gwaan bad
Any how them noh get it, them will act ...
Watch this!!!
Ah over the dickie dickie Jackie get stab
And get burn up with acid bad, bad, bad
Look sweet, dark, nice, but them ah guineagog
Naah run noh risk when it come to them rag (rod?)
Rule them man like how Moses rule him rod
Ah gal brush them man, she end up in a body bag

Women them request the dickie, don't want rucumpence
Ah the dickie mek Patsy tear down mi back fence
Mi ah fi run wheh with mi body, like mi noh have no conscience
Gwaan Buju B. teach them like a reverend

Over the north and south and the east and the west
Gal them confess that dickie dickie is the best
Ann, who's your best friend?
She bawl out dick!
The only best friend who mek she naaw keep malice
Ah mek she jump, dance, hip and skip
Gwaan Buju Banton, yuh well dynamic

Watch how the NY girls just a grab up wah dem have
English girls dance and galang bad
Jamaican girls grab it up like a flag
If ah unuh number wear it like a tag
Mek them know the dickie dickie, over it you gwaan bad

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