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This song is by Built to Spill and appears on the album There's Nothing Wrong With Love (1994) and on the album The Normal Years (1996).

Some people think he's good looking
Other people think he's not
Some people don't even know his name
Other people know it by heart

Some people think he likes to go out dancing
Other people not
One guy I know thinks he's hard to get along with

But a lot of people think he's fine
Yeah, yeah, a lot of people think he's fine
And he don't even know
Just sees how each day goes

Some people say she's funny
Other people say she's dumb
Some people say she's stuck-up
Others say she's shy

Some people like her for her charm
Some people take her for granted

Some people wanna steal her heart
Yeah, some people wanna steal her heart
And she don't even know
How could that be so?

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