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Never Look Away

This song is by Building 429 and appears on the album Space In Between Us (2004).

Original video
The water rages on tonight
And the storm is hiding the skyline
I try to see the northern shore
But the waves are much higher than before
From the deep Lord
You are beckoning

You call out my name
Say don't be afraid cause I
I'm here just believe me
So I won't look at the waves
I'll look on your face and I
I'll walk when I see you
Lord give me faith
To never look away

Staring deep into you eyes
I'm standing by your strength
But fear and doubt they take my sight
And I begin to sink
Hear my plea Lord will you
Come rescue me

It's not that far to where you are
With outstretched arms you're calling out my name
I'm gonna walk, I'm gonna fall
But you'll have my all

You've called me by name
And I'm not afraid
I'm here I believe you
I won't look at the waves
I'll look on your face and I
I'll walk when I see You
Lord give me faith to never look away

Written by:

Jason Roy and Jason Ingram

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