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Winter Boy

This song is by Buffy Sainte-Marie and appears on the album Little Wheel Spin And Spin (1966) and on the compilation album The Best Of Buffy Sainte-Marie (1970).

Winter boy, born on a snowy day
Came to me on a rainy afternoon

And there'd been summer love
Love I trusted far too well, got away and winter's spell
had broke my heart and left me all alone
And looking for a home to rest my weary heart
for just a while

Then I found it in the smile of a boy
A little boy with midnight in his hair
And promise in his eyes of days and nights still yet to be
Days and nights he'd cling to me

For I am winter's lady and he is winter's child

Though there be summers yet
And the smell of pine comes crying to my heart
Still my joy and my security will lie beside the boy of less impurity
The little boy with midnight in his hair
and diamonds in his eyes
Diamonds made of trust and love for me
and gleaming at me all the afternoon

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