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Buffalo Springfield (1966)Edit

Buffalo springfield
Buffalo Springfield
  1. For What It's Worth
  2. Go And Say Goodbye
  3. Sit Down I Think I Love You
  4. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
  5. Hot Dusty Roads
  6. Everybody's Wrong
  7. Flying On The Ground (Is Wrong)
  8. Burned
  9. Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It
  10. Leave
  11. Out Of My Mind
  12. Pay The Price

Buffalo Springfield Again (1967)Edit

Buffalo Springfield Again
  1. Mr. Soul
  2. A Child's Claim To Fame
  3. Everydays
  4. Expecting To Fly
  5. Bluebird
  6. Hung Upside Down
  7. Sad Memory
  8. Good Time Boy
  9. Rock & Roll Woman
  10. Broken Arrow

Last Time Around (1968)Edit

Last Time Around
  1. On The Way Home
  2. It's So Hard To Wait
  3. Pretty Girl Why
  4. Four Days Gone
  5. Carefree Country Day
  6. Special Care
  7. In The Hours Of Not Quite Rain
  8. Questions
  9. I Am A Child
  10. Merry-Go-Round
  11. Uno Mundo
  12. Kind Woman

Box Set (2001)Edit

Buffalo Springfield - Box Set
Box Set
unreleased tracks only
  1. There Goes My Babe (demo)
  2. Come On (demo)
  3. Hello, I've Returned (demo)
  4. Out Of My Mind (demo)
  5. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (demo)
  6. I'm Your Kind Of Guy (demo)
  7. Baby, Don't Scold Me (demo)
  8. Neighbor, Don't You Worry (demo)
  9. We'll See (demo)
  10. Sad Memory (demo)
  11. Can't Keep Me Down (demo)
  12. Down Down Down (demo)
  13. Kahuna Sunset (unreleased)
  14. Buffalo Stomp (Raga) (unreleased)
  15. We'll See (unreleased)
  16. My Kind Of Love (unreleased)
  17. Words I Must Say (demo)
  18. Nobody's Fool (demo)
  19. So You've Got A Lover (demo)
  20. My Angel (demo)
  21. No Sun Today (unreleased)
  22. Down To The Wire (unreleased)
  23. Hung Upside Down (demo)
  24. One More Sign (demo)
  25. The Rent Is Always Due (demo)
  26. Round And Round And Round (demo)
  27. The Old Laughing Lady (demo)
  28. On The Way Home (unreleased)
  29. Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (unreleased)
  30. Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor) (unreleased)
  31. What A Day (unreleased)
  32. Four Days Gone (demo)
  33. Baby, Don't Scold Me (unreleased)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Sell Out

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1966-1968, 2010-2012

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