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Socks Drugs & Rock 'N Roll

This song is by Buffalo Daughter.

50 centimeter circle of perfect liberty,
that's all we're given equally on the road.
You can do anything in the perfect circle.
In the, perfect circle.
It's a challenge for human limitation.

How many places remain in my suitcase?
Did I take vitamins, enough for today?
That's our concern of every single day,
For making our day alive.

Our life is like a...
It's always like a...
Totally like a...
Exactly like a,
SOCKS, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll.

The road is just a road,
made up with cement in mold.
All respectable is not so miracle.
I'd rather rob my uncle.

Wave your hands in the air,
just for a physical care.
Keep your moves aware.
Life is just the way it is.

Our life is like a...
It's always like a...
It's totally like a...
Definitely like a,
SOCKS, Drugs, and Rock'n'Roll.

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