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Dumping On Toronto

This song is by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers and appears on the album Up Boot (2002).

Oh, Toronto's underneath an inch of snow
The temperature is one degree below
The mayor is on TV
Persuading you and me
To show some sympathy for poor Toronto
As they did in East Quebec a while ago
Army's taking Perrier from door to door
Scraping windshields off their cars
Keeping snow away from bars
Essential services for the people from Toronto
Once again we'll have to go and lend a hand
All the workers who returned to Newfoundland
We went and built their town
Now there's no one left around
Who's ever shovelled snow in Toronto
They need seal skins and mukluks in Toronto
Some cod liver oil in Toronto
Climatically challenged people in T-O.

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